Local Coordinating Committee-LCC

Vision Statement

We envision a community where all stakeholders are working together to economize resources, recruit new resources and protect resources we currently possess, in an effort to build and sustain healthy family functioning. Our vision includes a community who has joined together to make children a priority in the course of planning, policy development, and Decision making. Our vision includes a community that strives to work together to achieve our goals emphasizing that "A house divided against itself cannot stand".

Mission Statement

The Local Coordinating Committee exists to be a catalyst by unifying and encouraging all stakeholders in the community to collaborate and bring all available resources to bear In order to positively impact our community.


  1. The Local Coordinating Committee (LCC) will take steps to fulfill the vision statement by promoting comprehensive programs that address social, emotional and the physical well-being of children and families.
  2. The LCC will encourage multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary partnerships engaging in continuing efforts to assess the needs of our community, identify areas of opportunity, and pursue resources in order to provide appropriate interventions.
  3. All partners will be invited to share in needs assessment activities, planning, reviewing agency proposals for new programs/funding, showcasing other programs which demonstrate effective track records, provide technical assistance for existing programs, identifying new funding sources and provide a clearing house of resources for agencies providing services to the community.
  4. The LCC will provide input to the Interagency Steering Committee (ISC) regarding programs that impact the LCC vision.

How the LCC Sub-Committee Works

  1. The LCC agendas and bi-monthly meetings should be reflective of the LCC Vision, Mission and Objectives.
  2. The LCC gain broader community input. Periodically meeting time should be devoted to identifying key Private Sector and/or Community Organizations that could be targeted for LCC partnerships.
  3. The LCC provide opportunities for creative thinking regarding assessing, identifying and serving our children and families in our community.
    1. LCC Agendas have two purposes: to discuss specific issues and develop input for the Interagency Steering Committee; and to provide agency updates on new programs and activities.
      1. Agendas will begin with background regarding the issue to be discussed.
      2. Presentations are followed by Q & A, and Brainstorming session.

LCC 2010-2011 Scheduled Meetings: Meetings are from 3 to 5 pm and are held at Alternative Education Boardroom (253 E. Ross Ave. in El Centro; across from ARC building) unless otherwise noted.

July 15, 2010

September 9, 2010

November 18, 2010 (Location TBA)

January 13, 2011

March 10, 2011

May 12, 2011

Recent LCC Meeting agendas and minutes are accessible below. For information prior to 2006, please contact Amanda at 760-312-6159.

Agenda Minutes
LCC Agenda 7-15-10  
LCC Agenda 5-13-10 Mins 5-13-10
LCC Agenda 3-11-10 Mins 3-11-10
LCC Agenda 1-14-10 Mins 1-14-10
LCC Agenda 11-12-09 Mins 11-12-09
LCC Agenda 9-10-09 Mins 9-10-09
LCC Agenda 7-9-09 Mins 7-9-09
LCC Agenda 4-9-09 Mins 4-9-09
LCC Agenda 2-12-09 Mins 2-12-09
LCC Agenda 12-4-08 Mins 12-4-08
LCC Agenda 09-11-08 Mins 9-11-08
LCC Agenda 07-10-08 Mins 07-10-08
LCC Agenda 05-01-08 Mins 05-01-08
LCC Agenda 03-13-08 Mins 03-13-08
LCC Agenda 09-13-07 Mins 09-13-07
LCC Agenda 5-10-07 Mins 05-10-07
LCC Agenda 3-08-07 Mins 03-08-07
LCC Agenda 2-08-07 Mins 02-08-07
LCC Agenda 1-11-07 Mins 01-11-07
LCC Agenda 12-14-06 Mins 12-14-06
LCC Agenda 11-09-06 Mins 11-09-06
LCC Agenda 10-12-06 Mins 10-12-06
LCC Agenda 09-14-06 Mins 09-14-06
LCC Agenda 07-13-06 Mins 07-13-06
LCC Agenda 06-08-06 Mins 06-08-06
LCC Agenda 05-11-06 Mins 05-11-06
LCC Agenda 04-13-06 Mins 04-13-06
LCC Agenda 03-09-06 Mins 03-09-06
LCC Agenda 02-09-06 Mins 02-09-06
LCC Agenda 01-12-06 Mins 01-12-06